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MycoWorks Reishi™ Runway Debut with Deadwood Studios

Biomaterials innovator MycoWorks debuted its first Made with Reishi™ ready-to-wear application at Copenhagen Fashion Week with the Stockholm-based brand Deadwood Studios. The collaboration is the first demonstration of  Reishi™ Natural–MycoWorks’ one-of-a-kind material created with Fine Mycelium™– in clothing design, signaling the revolutionary biomaterial’s adoption by a new generation of designers.

Awestruck by the inherent variability of Reishi™, Deadwood Studios co-founders Carl Ollson and Felix von Bahder began working with MycoWorks’ Product Development team for applications in ready-to-wear. “Every square centimeter of this material is a work of art itself, and Nature is the artist. I just love the raw quality of the surface with its organic formations of spots and specks. That’s what perfection looks like to me,” noted Felix von Bahder.

First partnering on a bespoke collaboration at Paris Fashion Week, the natural synergy of MycoWorks artistic ethos and focus on craftsmanship led to an expanded made-to-order four-piece collection now available for purchase through the Deadwood Studios website.

“Reishi is a unique material to work with: supple but structured, its natural mycelial color and marbled detailing add a rawness unmatched with other fabrics on the market,” says Carl Ollson.“We have received a lot of interest in our capsule collection made with Reishi™ with many people asking us about the material and it has had a great sell-through.” 

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