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Heron Preston Gives the Humble Fruit Bowl the ‘Shroom Treatment

As conversations regarding leather alternatives in fashion continue to bubble, MycoWorks remains at the center of the noise with its breakthrough mushroom-based materials.

Next up, the brand joins forces with designer and DJ Heron Preston for an art collaboration crafted using its praised mushroom leather.

“When I met Heron, what stood out to me was his curiosity about our story, his attention to the look and feel of our material, and his interest in the environmental impact of our processes — which are minuscule compared to plastic-based leather alternatives.”

“Creating art and design objects with mycelium is how our company started, so partnering with Heron on this project celebrates our roots and how far we’ve come.” – Sophia Wang, MycoWorks Co-Founder and Chief of Culture

Preston’s leather fruit bowl is set to release soon in tandem with the launch of the designer’s new digital platform, which expands on his L.E.D. (Less Environmentally Destructive) concept.

The fun doesn’t stop at the mushroom leather fruit bowl. The two confirmed that the sleek, stitched, and sustainable piece is just one of many Reishi™ creations by Preston and MycoWorks to come.

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