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Three new hat styles now available on NickFouquet.com

Luxury Hatmaker Nick Fouquet Introduces New Reishi™ Hats

 Luxury hatmaker Nick Fouquet announced that it is expanding its Made with Reishi collection with three new hats available for order immediately. In July 2022, Nick Fouquet launched the world’s first fashion items made with MycoWorks’ flagship mycelium material, Reishi™. Today’s additions mark more than a dozen unique products launched as part of Nick Fouquet’s Made with Reishi collection.

“We are known for our modern aesthetic that infuses whimsical, California-inspired elements with bespoke European detail,” said NF. “Reishi is the only leather alternative that meets our quality standards. The ultimate test for us was when our craftspeople couldn’t tell the difference between Reishi and animal leather.” 

A French-American designer known for his iconic hat styles, Fouquet has reinvented the headwear category by bringing a modern aesthetic to classic silhouettes while remaining committed to superior craftspersonship. 

“Our customers love the Made with Reishi collection and the positive social media sentiment has been overwhelming. The demand is clear,” added Fouquet. 

The continued commercial availability of Reishi™ represents a major leap for fashion, which has long been seeking plastic-free, animal-free leather alternatives that meet the quality needs of high-end fashion with a lower environmental footprint.

“Nick Fouquet is a partner with whom we share a commitment to artistry, craftspersonship and quality,” said Sophia Wang, Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer at MycoWorks. “His luxury pieces bring Reishi to life, each hat is a beautiful showcase of its unique beauty.” 

Nick Fouquet’s Made with Reishi collection is available HERE.  

About Nick Fouquet
Nick Fouquet is a French American designer known for his iconic hat styles. Fouquet has reinvented the headwear category by bringing a modern aesthetic to classic silhouettes, grounded in superior craftspersonship. Reflecting his European American roots, the brand infuses whimsical, California-inspired elements with bespoke European detail. Fouquet started the brand in a Los Angeles garage studio in 2013, has since expanded headquarters to a 5,000 square feet space in Venice including a design studio, manufacturing facility, and the retail flagship. In December of 2020, Fouquet opened his second retail store in Aspen Colorado, featuring collections designed exclusively for the Colorado market. The collection expanded into ready-to-wear in 2021 and is currently sold at nickfouquet.com and in luxury retail locations worldwide. 

About MycoWorks
In 2013, co-founders Philip Ross and Sophia Wang formed MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based biomaterials company dedicated to bringing new mycelium-grown materials to the world. MycoWorks’ patented Fine Mycelium technology, an advanced manufacturing platform and breakthrough in materials science, engineers mycelium during growth to form proprietary, interlocking cellular structures for unparalleled beauty, handfeel, strength and durability. The company’s flagship material- Reishi- is a new category of material for the world’s best luxury brands. For more information, please visit mycoworks.com and madewithreishi.com.