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Functional, timeless pieces available worldwide 

Allen St. x Made with Reishi™

We’re always looking for the best materials to use in our designs. So I was very intrigued when I got introduced to Reishi™. It was new; it felt natural, soft, and pleasant to touch. It was different but familiar at the same time; it was unique. My creative mind started to spin, inspiration came to life, and we began to work. – Thibault Schockert, Allen St. founder

Curiosity about working with a new category of material led Thibault Schockert, Allen St. Head Designer, to explore Reishi™. Committed to premium quality and durability, he was intrigued by the possibilities of MycoWorks’ Fine Mycelium™ material and wanted to see how far he could take it. He was eager to understand the material’s uniqueness and similarities to animal leather and to dream of how this premium, natural material could inspire his designs. 

Today, Allen St. introduces a ready-to-shop collection of six objects designed and fabricated in France using Reishi™; a wallet, card holder, laptop and key sleeve, crossbody bum bag, and tote bag available online at www.allen-st.com.

If you know about Allen St., it’s likely because a close friend introduced the brand to you at the dinner table. Known by their loyal customer base for top-quality objects, trendless designs, premium materials and best-in-class artisanal leather craftsmanship, Allen St. sources the best hides and materials worldwide to create elevated, timeless pieces for everyday life. 

Specializing in premium quality leather goods 100% made in France, Allen St. works with the best leather fabricators in France, including one of our existing partners: Cuir Du Vaudreuil. The high-end brand offers small quantities of expertly crafted goods to globetrotters who adore craft, quality and appreciate functional, elevated designs.

“Allen St. designs highlight one of the world’s premier fabricators of small leather goods, our latest partner, Cuir du Vaudreuil. The collection- made with Reishi™- showcases CdV’s expertise in working with the finest materials and Allen St.’s commitment to material innovation and timeless designs.”  – Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO

Marking the beginning of a long-term partnership based on shared values for quality, durability, and elevated designs, Allen St. plans to offer Reishi™ as a new category of premium material for their iconic pieces and upcoming creations. 

“When we got our hands on Reishi™, we were stunned by its softness and how well it performed using our traditional craftsmanship. It is resistant, perfect for various shapes and sizes of items, from bags to small accessories; this collection is only the beginning of what we can do with this exciting new material.” – Thibault Schockert, Allen St. founder 

For this collection, Allen St. selected Reishi™ black: a natural Fine Mycelium™ material with a delicate pebble grain and luxurious sheen. An ideal material to elevate everyday designs.

This collection marks a key moment in MycoWorks’ journey to Grow the Future of Materials, getting Reishi™, a premium new class of natural Fine Mycelium™ material, into the hands of more people around the world. 

Explore Allen St. x Made with Reishi™ and purchase the collection here