Our Technology

Fine Mycelium™

A breakthrough in materials science and biotechnology.

Exclusive to MycoWorks, Fine Mycelium™ is a patented technology to grow a new category of materials used in the fashion, footwear, automotive, and decor industries. The proprietary process engineers mycelium cells during their growth to form proprietary, interlocking cellular structures for unparalleled strength, durability, and performance.

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Our Pioneer Material


A new class of premium, natural material.

Our flagship product, Reishi™, is a new class of premium, natural material made from our proprietary Fine Mycelium™ technology. Reishi™ features the inherent strength, durability, and hand-feel of the finest animal leathers with lower environmental impact. Grown in our California facilities, Reishi™ is tanned and finished by our heritage tannery partners in Europe using MycoWorks’ own proprietary chrome-free tanning and dying technologies.



Reishi™ is available in the following finishes:

Reishi™ Natural
Soft, full-bodied, luxury sheets that highlight the natural richness, beauty, and variability of Reishi™. 

Reishi™ Doux
Crisp, smooth, luxury sheets with a refined aesthetic that subtly reveals Reishi™’s growth pattern.

Reishi™ Pebble
Round, full-bodied, luxury sheets that highlight a classic pebble texture.

An Exclusive Collaboration with Hermès


Hermès’ Victoria bag in Sylvania made out of Fine Mycelium™, H Plume Canvas and Evercalf Calfskin.

An exclusive collaboration by Hermès and MycoWorks resulted from a shared vision for growing the future of materials and a quest to unlock new design possibilities. 

The new material, Sylvania, is a hybrid of nature and biotechnology and the exemplar of a new generation of biotech materials.

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