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Paris Fashion Week

MycoWorks at Paris Fashion Week

“Doux, très doux” we heard over and over again when people were touching Reishi™ for the first time. This year, we made our first appearance in Paris Fashion Week: A private, by-invitation-only event organized by Deadwood to showcase their made-to-order capsule collection made with Reishi™. The niche Swedish fashion brand focused on design and impact presented the collection at Lucid Interval amid Paris Fashion Week.

A trenchcoat, a vest, jacket and bag made with Reishi™ were unveiled to local press, buyers, designers and other brand partners. For this collection, the independent designers chose to use Reishi™ Natural to highlight the natural richness and unique variability of each sheet.  

With MycoWorks’ first appearance at Paris Fashion Week and our new office on the prestigious Rue de la Paix, we’re bringing our Fine Mycelium™ material closer to our luxury brand partners. Designers, brand partners, and local leather ateliers can experience Reishi™ first-hand, learn more about our patented technology, and connect with local team members. 

As soon as you see Reishi™, as soon as you hold the material in your hands and feel its supple softness, you get it: Reishi™ is the future of materials. 

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