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Interview: YUME YUME x MycoWorks

YUME YUME, the Amsterdam-based brand renowned for its bold, functional designs, unveils a head-to-toe look made from Reishi™, a revolutionary leather alternative developed by biotech company Mycoworks using Fine Mycelium™. Showcasing at Amsterdam’s Buro Stedelijk, this unique collection unfolds as a multi-sensory celebration of the fascinating world of mycelium, all while demonstrating the brand’s pivotal shift towards learning from the natural world that responds to the needs and uses of our time.

‘This is the future of materials, it’s so fascinating what kind of intelligent living system it is. I feel there’s a shift happening in the fashion industry’s mindset. Making design pieces entirely with Reishi™ shows that a different future in fashion is possible,’ as YUME YUME founder, Eva Korsten, tells designboom. 

In an ongoing mission of seeking alternative materials, YUME YUME introduces a three-piece edit grounded in biofabrication, jointly with Creative Director Xavier Gallego from MycoWorks, the only mycelium biotechnology company rooted in art. The duo celebrates this collaboration with Descent into Fungal — a multi-sensory and interactive exhibition at Amsterdam’s new art space, Buro Stedelijk. Running until January 25, 2024, the show features the Reishi™ outfit design(Grown by Nature Trench with intricate ruched and pleated details, signature Fisherman Boots, and supersize Mushroom Hat), Mycelium Stage, a living artwork that evolves and interacts with visitors and artistic displays over time, and a conceptual art video exploring the human and artistic influence on mycelium growth. This three-part show encourages visitors to engage with this natural material in a hands-on way, providing a deeper insight into its ecological and technological value.

“I love working with people that challenge our material in new ways. It expands our understanding of what Reishi™ can do. Since day one YUME YUME has understood the creative potential of Reishi™, and how different it is from other materials thanks to the unique properties of mycelium our technology has unlocked.” -Xavier Gallego

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