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On view at the Buro Stedelijk in Amsterdam

MycoWorks Co-Creates Mycelial Installation with YUME YUME

On view at the renowned Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam through the new year, the exhibit marks the biotechnology company’s return to its artistic foundations

AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands/November 30, 2023– MycoWorks, the San Francisco based creator of the first-in-kind biomaterial Reishi™ has collaborated on an interactive installation with conscious design collective company YUME YUME at the Stedelijk Museum [Buro Stedelijk] in Amsterdam. The museum’s #16 Descent into Fungal exhibit is a unique multi-sensory experience exploring humanity’s taming of nature’s most prolific source: mycelium, the root-structure of mushrooms and fungi. Conceived over the last eighteen months between YUME YUME Creative Director Eva Korsten and MycoWorks Creative Director Xavier Gallego, the installation will run from November 30, 2023 through January 25, 2024.

“MycoWorks exists to collaborate with other creative leaders who are masters of their craft; to push the boundaries of Fine Mycelium™ forward through exploring new design possibilities that start inside the material,” said Xavier Gallego. “YUME YUME, through their curiosity and creativity with Reishi™, made unexpected discoveries. By experimenting with and ultimately using the backside of Reishi™, our collaboration unlocked entirely new possibilities– highlighting the fact that we are still on the ground floor in discovering the potential of Fine Mycelium™. We believe the show at the Stedelijk will inspire other artists to turn to nature, observe it, and make something beautiful with the wonders they find.”

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