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Why Hermès Is Rolling Out a Travel Bag Made From Mushrooms

Hermès just sprouted a novel vegan leather alternative that will soon be used to fashion at least one of its storied accessories. The French luxury house has partnered with California-based start-up MycoWorks to develop a sustainable textile made from… mushrooms.

The fungi-derived fabric, known as Sylvania, is billed as “the exemplar of a new generation of biotech materials.” It will first appear on an eco-friendly version of the classic Victoria travel bag, alongside elements of canvas and calfskin…

…It is worth noting that the global market for leather goods is valued at more than $400 billion and Hermès built its reputation on delivering the highest-quality designs in the category. It is more likely that Sylvania and other sustainable materials will be used in tandem alongside the house’s trademark leathers.

Still, the fact that this magical new material has been endorsed by the leather expert speaks volumes.

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