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MycoWorks Talk 17

The Luxury of Natural Materials with Mehera Blum

“Sustainability means to me being authentic to our hearts and who we are.”
Mehera Blum is the founder and creative director of Blumera, a company that designs exquisite, uplifting collections created with intention using natural sustainable materials and loved by celebrities like Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. We recently collaborated with Mehera to create the Poppies Octagon Wood Clutch made with Reishi™: a unique, hand-carved addition to Blumera’s popular line of wood clutches that features a perfectly fitted hexagonal Reishi™ bag. In this episode, Mehera sits down with Xevi to speak about this collaborative project, her journey to reimagine the paintings of her late mother, world-renowned painter Laurie Blum, the Blumera bag Beyoncé chose to wear for her 40th birthday, and the search for a new material that led her to her collaboration with MycoWorks.In this episode:
2:02 – The search for a new material that led her to MycoWorks
3:15 – The search for the best carver in Bali
6:50 –  Living in a creation of love: launching Sanctuary Blumera. Creating with an intention of love.
8:09 – Her next endeavor: filming the journey of creation and her inner story of love and spirituality
9:15 – The journey that led to Beyoncé wearing Mehera’s large Anhinga brass bag and then the stylist that she wore it for her 40th birthday.
12:15 – The object Mehera and MycoWorks created together, Poppies Octagon Wood Clutch made with Reishi™
15:00 – Origin of her mother’s paintings in a devotional practice rooted in Persian mysticism
17:20 – What sustainability means to MeheraMycoWorks Talks is a space to feed your wonder and curiosity for a new class of materials. Xevi Gallego, our VP of Brand & Marketing, hosts talks with people in the MycoWorks universe, taking you on a behind-the-scenes journey of unfiltered conversations about our product, technology, our incredible team, and much more.If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to get the latest episodes each month and if you have episode ideas or feedback, please review. We love to hear from you! To learn more about MycoWorks, follow our journey on instagram at @MycoWorks.