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10 Years of MycoWorks with Sophia Wang

This fall, MycoWorks is celebrating its ten year anniversary, and to mark the occasion, we invited Sophia Wang, MycoWorks co-founder and Chief of Culture, back to the studio for a 10 moments in 10 years recap and a look forward. Over the ten years since she co-founded MycoWorks, Sophia has been on a journey alongside the growing company, and in this episode we dive into what that journey has meant to her personally. Listen in as Sophia talks through 10 moments in MycoWorks’ story that are memorable to her, and shares her thoughts about the future for the company and what’s coming next.

“As the years go on, you have to keep reinvesting in what you’re in it for. It took a lot of reflection on the journey about what was really driving me, and then bringing that forward so it could be my motivation and how I focused my contributions. And that was a really important moment, and it involves being very honest about who you are in the project.”

“We’re really a team of deep learners, and no one’s ever done this before. So you have to be invested in learning.”

“We obviously want to have a broad impact on the world and on the industry. And you know, we’re opening a new factory this fall in South Carolina. And so we’re on that journey already. But for the next 10 years, you know, the future—I want MycoWorks to have become iconic, not only in terms of our leadership in this emerging material space for mycelium technologies, but also iconic for the culture of creativity that we nurtured here.”

“This is the start of something huge. And just stay curious. Keep learning and don’t be scared.”

In this episode:
1:10 – Collaborating with Phil Ross and learning about everything mycelium can do
3:00 – What Sophia today would tell herself at the start of this journey over 15 years ago
4:00 – Attending IndieBio as a young entrepreneur
7:25 – Writing a first set of company values as a young team
15:45 – Leadership and mentorship from MycoWorks COO, Doug Hardesty
23:45 – Her first consumer experience of unboxing Reishi™ products
28:45 – A new factory in South Carolina

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