Story by Nicole Rigas, Photography by Pol Rebaque,
Art Direction by Marina Perez

Reishi™ by MycoWorks is a new class of fine material crafted from mycelium: the first biomaterial that meets the world’s demand for natural, sustainable options for leather that do not compromise on performance, quality or aesthetics. As adaptable as nature itself, Reishi™ can be custom grown for aesthetic expression, flexibility, density and strength, offering unprecedented design possibilities.

Mycelium belongs to one of Earth’s most fascinating natural kingdoms. Its threads form intricate, interlocking patterns that spread widely underground, branching and connecting, creating a vast mosaic that holds the world together. Its diverse expressions have fascinated artists and biologists throughout history. We are just beginning to uncover and master its unique properties.

As adaptable as nature itself

A new class of materials with breakthrough capabilities

Reishi’s™ strength and durability come from mycelium’s natural, woven fibers combined with the proprietary structures we cultivate as Reishi™ is grown. Our patented process creates Fine Mycelium™ that is strong without the need for compression. Reishi™ is a versatile material that can be tanned without chrome, dyed, embossed and stitched. Each sheet passes a rigorous choreography of care to meet our highest quality standards. Across standard test criteria, Reishi™ matches or surpasses cowhide leather in several capacities and demonstrates similar strength and abrasion resistance.

But Reishi™ belongs to a new class of materials with breakthrough capabilities unique to our Fine Mycelium™ process. Ideally suited for the advanced techniques of additive manufacturing, Reishi™ can be grown into any shape or form, reducing waste in fabrication and enhancing speed to market. Its qualities can be tuned to meet varying aesthetics and design criteria: increasing the durability of a bag, the flexibility of an athletic shoe, or even paving the way for entirely new products.

A work of art, nature and technology

A work of art, nature and technology, Reishi™ enables new possibilities for fashion and luxury. See our products here.