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MycoWorks Talk 07

Spotted: Actress Daniella Pineda in Made with Reishi™

“Is this textile alive?” wondered Daniella Pineda, actress, comedian, and writer, when she heard about Reishi™ for the first time. In this episode, Daniella shares her interest in sustainable materials, her career as an actress, and her childhood growing up in our hometown, Oakland, California. 

“I’ve been on the hunt for alternative sustainable textiles for a while now, and then, when I got into vegan leather, I found so much of it was done with all kinds of other toxic stuff. So when I saw a textile made of mycelium, that just seemed very exciting to me— the possibilities of what that could turn into. Is this textile alive? I was really excited about it!”

“When I’m not doing movie stuff, I’ve taken a vested interest in sustainability. And I found your company, which was totally in the vein of what I support and believe in.”

“As a society, we need to make the switch, and this company is part of that switch. And it looks pretty and feels good!”  

“Sustainability to me: I see an image which is a circle that just keeps going and going. There’s no beginning, no end. No disruption, it just keeps going, and it’s healthy and wonderful for everyone.” 

In this episode:

01:47 – “Mushrooms, obviously, very familiar. But mycelium: a new concept to me.”

02:05 – What brought Daniella to a Nick Fouquet hat Made with Reishi™

04:00 – Jurassic Park, upcoming movies, and her self-produced movie

08:40– Advocating for sustainability: “Cradle to cradle.” “Redirecting consumer behavior.” 

11:26 – Growing up in Oakland, Emeryville: “It’s always been a weird place with lots of very smart people!”

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