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MycoWorks Talk 06

LIVE from Paris! with Allen St. Founder Thibault Schockert

“We’re sold out!” shares Thibault  Schockert, CEO of CdV and founder of Allen St., after less than a week of launching the Allen St. x Made with Reishi™ collection. In this episode, Thibault shares his expertise in fabricating leather goods for the leading French luxury houses, his interest and experience with leather alternatives, and his excitement for Reishi™ as a new material with unique capabilities and exciting possibilities. 

“I’ve been skeptical about alternative materials because they feel like plastic, and they’re always mixed with chemicals. Reishi™ ‘s hand feel and the fact that it is natural interests me the most.” 

“Reishi™’s not going to replace leather. It’s a whole new thing. It’s exciting, and it adds value; it’s a new choice.” 

“Sustainability is creating something that has a purpose. It has to be part of a circle of value.” 

In this episode:

– “Most leather alternatives feel like plastic.”

– “Reishi™’s hand-feel is what makes it so unique.”

– Allen St. x Made with Reishi™: An elevated collection for everyday 

– “75% of Reishi™’s manufacturing process is like working with animal leather.” 

– “Sustainability is purpose.”

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