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A collaboration rooted in premium quality

Cuir du Vaudreuil x MycoWorks

Since our founding years, we have partnered with leading brands, designers, world-class artisans, and leather experts to explore and better understand the possibilities of this new category of material. The process of carefully selecting the best in their fields to work with is ongoing. Leather making experts with generations of know-how have been key in driving  the evolution of Reishi™ over the years. Working in partnership with master craftsmen has enabled us to refine Reishi™ to the highest industry standards. 

Today, we celebrate our collaboration with French luxury leather atelier Cuir du Vaudreuil (CdV). A partnership based on a shared language of quality and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, a bridge between generational craft and materials innovation. After years of searching and testing various alternatives, CdV selected Reishi™ as their only natural, non-plastic, non-animal material offering for their clients due to its superior quality and uniquely soft hand feel.

“Since 1984, at CdV, we have been proud to carry on our savoir-faire and generational expertise in leather goods craftsmanship. For decades, we cherished the values of excellence, innovation, transmission, and agility to develop and produce the highest quality leather goods for the most prestigious luxury French houses. We are always looking for new paths to innovate and progress in the leather goods industry, so it was obvious for us to partner with MycoWorks to give life to this new amazing material that is Reishi™.”  – Thibault Schockert, CdV CEO

Founded in Normandy, France over three decades ago on the principles of quality and durability, CdV is one of the world’s premier fabricators of small leather goods, whose clients are only the highest-end and most recognizable brands in the world. This leather atelier sources materials from the finest leather tanneries, some of whom are also MycoWorks partners, to produce luxury leather goods for leading French fashion and luxury houses. CdV will now include Reishi™ as a category in its materials portfolio, supporting luxury brands looking for something new, premium, and natural. 

“I truly believe Reishi™’s future is a new category of premium material. Reishi™ is not leather and was not created to replace it. Reishi is a whole new natural material that offers a new perspective to our industry.”  – Thibault Schockert, CdV CEO

With this partnership, CdV brings traditional leather craft and generational know-how to our material, validating Reishi™’s versatility, supple hand-feel, and premium quality. 

“To be honest I’ve always seen “vegan leather” as a greenwashing marketing term. These materials are not eco-friendly and are mostly made out of plastics. But not this time. Reishi™ is plastic free, 100% natural, and uses very little energy to be produced.”   – Thibault Schockert, CdV CEO

“CdVs excitement to work and introduce a new class of premium, natural material to their portfolio is enlightening. Their generational know-how and leather expertise enforce our confidence in Reishi™’s quality and will continue to advance our material to keep pushing the industry standards to new heights.” – Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO

Preserving traditional leather-working techniques such as stitching, pricking, skiving, and many others, CdV will produce various high-end objects made with Reishi™, from purses, wallets, card holders, belts, and beyond.  

“The first time we got our hands on Reishi™, we were stunned by the similarity to the finest genuine leathers. The hand feel and softness are close to calf skins, and it performs using our traditional craftsmanship. It is resistant, perfect for various shapes and sizes of items, from bags to small accessories; we managed to get the results we were aiming for.”   – Thibault Schockert, CdV CEO

Our partnership with Cuir de Vaudreuil  will allow us to tap into CdV’s wealth of generational expertise and evolve Reishi™ through the collaboration. A relationship that will challenge us and put Reishi™ to the test in ways that push our material forward.

For those interested in learning more about how to partner with CdV and Reishi™, click here.