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Inc’s 2022 Female Founders 100

Having earned a PhD in English at the University of California, Berkeley, Sophia Wang might have seemed an unlikely choice to co-found the biotech startup MycoWorks in 2013. The company had developed a proprietary, leather-like material called Fine Mycelium, made from the root structure of mushrooms. But co-founder and friend Philip Ross says Wang was precisely the storyteller he needed to help the venture make the leap from biotech to fashion. Indeed: MycoWorks’ Fine Mycelium has since become a coveted, sustainable fabric for brands such as Hermès and lux­ury hatmaker Nick Fouquet. And Wang, now chief of culture, says her liberal arts education influences how she ­nurtures the ever-expanding 175-person team. She’s behind the MycoWorks weekly speaker series, in which artists and scientists present their work; the company’s free counseling services for employees; and an internal newsletter.

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“We want people to know one another’s names and faces–the everyday human touch points of being collaborators and teammates,” she says.

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