“You always have to take these things with humility,” reflects Sophia Wang, our co-founder, about her nomination for The Conscious Fashion Campaign. “It’s wild and amazing. It’s also humbling and motivating when you see the list of other women.”

The highly anticipated campaign is an initiative of the Fashion Impact Fund in collaboration with the United Nations and the PVBLIC Foundation that celebrates trailblazing women entrepreneurs leading solutions to support social, environmental and economic impact within the fashion industry.

This year, the curated list includes Volpe Beringer, founder of The Vault, a company expanding visibility for disability in fashion, and Tamburai Chirume, co-founder of OneOfEach, a company focused on creating equal opportunities for women in underserved communities. Josephine Philips, founder of Sojo, a company focused on making clothing alterations and repairs mainstream, is also among the other incredible honorees pushing the fashion ecosystem to create a world-changing impact.

“It’s an honor to be part of a growing community of people who are recalibrating what ‘green’ practices look like, and how positive impact should be measured.”

At MycoWorks, we didn’t set out to solve a sustainability challenge—we were inspired by mycelium’s unique aesthetic and performance capabilities. As a biomaterials company founded by artists, MycoWorks demonstrates how art, design and craft—along with innovation, manufacturing and biological research—can direct routes to world-changing technologies.

“Innovations in sustainable practices need to come from every creative corner of the world, so as long as MycoWorks inspires or resonates with other visionary experiments coming out of their respective left fields, I’ll keep telling this story.” – Sophia Wang, MycoWorks Co-Founder

“Sophia raises the bar. She moves through the world asking why things can’t be done better, compelling our team and me to elevate our actions at every turn. MycoWorks does good, and Sophia is the force that makes the organization great.”  — Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO

Raised in a family of research scientists in biology in NYC, Sophia has been an artist and writer all her life. “My creative passions are grounded in a lifelong wonder about the mystery and elegance of the world’s living systems,” shares Sophia. Her journey from artist to leading biotech entrepreneur is inspiring. MycoWorks started ten years ago as an art practice out of a garage in San Francisco. Today, we’re launching products with top brand partners, building a mass-production facility in South Carolina, and celebrating the impact of our technology with a Billboard in Times Square, NYC. Quite a journey, some may say.

Can you imagine where we will be ten years from now? The possibilities are endless.

“What inspires me about Sophia is that she breaks the mold of what is expected of her. Sophia’s audaciousness and courage inspire me!” – Fred Martel, MycoWorks SVP Sales & Business Development

“Sophia is one of the most authentic people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is deeply thoughtful in her approach to creating an inclusive culture for the MycoWorks community. ”  – Kimberly Saunders, VP of People

“Sophia sees you for who you are. Her insightful and creative approach to ideas invites you to bring your own curiosity and uniqueness to work.” – Chanthal Fadul, Integrated Marketing & Communications Lead 

“The accolade of MycoWorks and what we have accomplished belongs to every single person that has ever been a part of this and will ever be. That belongs to the team, and really I’m just one among many here. I just happen to have been here from the start.” – Sophia Wang

Congrats to our dearest of all, Sophia!

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