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Green People: Eight Women Making Fashion With Impact

From founding businesses that focus on clothing repairs to disability awareness or artisan rights, these women entrepreneurs (all of whom were recognized in The Conscious Fashion Campaign’s latest honoree list) share their modus operandi on making fashion with impact, identifying what they see as the biggest change to implement within their respective businesses.

“Our vision is to grow the future of materials, which is an ambition that’s not only about the way we make the things we use and wear, but also our standards for what a truly generative process and set of systems look like, to create the best future we can imagine.”

“I hope the biggest change we drive is an ethics of production and design that inspires the most powerful organizations in the world to become more rigorously holistic, ethical and inclusive in their approach to sustainability.” — Sophia Wang, cofounder, MycoWorks.

“I believe no matter what your ability or disability, you have the same right to use sustainable and accessible fashion to feel empowered and to express your individuality.” — Volpe Beringer, The Vault founder, on how she’s expanding visibility for disability in fashion.

“My life’s work is filled with building an impact-based fashion empire and working with young women mainly from underserved communities who aspire to be the future pioneers of the African fashion industry.”  — Tamburai Chirume, OneOfEach cofounder, on creating equal opportunities for women. 

“By making clothing alterations and repairs mainstream we hope that people will start to understand that clothes that fit you well and last a long time are essential pillars in a sustainable fashion future.”  — Josephine Philips, Sojo founder, on how she’s using repair to change consumption habits.

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