It all begins with the idea for a dreamed up material. Until now, designers and creators have had to work within the limits of existing materials: designing with what’s available from farms, mills and producers. Inspired by these limits, we created something new.

For us, our imaginations have always been our best tool to conjure new realities.

With the ingenuity, freedom and aesthetic awareness that we’ve honed as artists and makers, we created a made-to-order natural material that can be fully customized from initial growth: designed to measure, shaped for performance and personalized for aesthetic preference. This is the core of what we do.

Imagine a world where you can grow the materials you’ve only dreamed about. Having the power to design the precise features you need to break new, creative ground. 

Thrilling. And quite a challenge.

Here’s what we do at MycoWorks. We engineer mycelium cells as they grow to create Fine Mycelium™, a new class of material with superior strength, durability and performance. Fully engineerable, our Fine Mycelium™ technology is a materials science and biotechnology breakthrough that is controllable, customizable and durable, with a living quality only matched by cowhide—the gold standard for leather.

A technology that opens up a world of design possibilities and unprecedented control over features.
High performance, uncompromising quality and full creative control.
Too good to be true?

Perhaps the easiest way to explain our technology is to tell you how we do it. Let’s take you behind the scenes of the first major production facility for Fine Mycelium, where the magic happens.

Grown in our proprietary trays under precise conditions, each sheet has a unique code that allows our team of engineers and manufacturing experts to trace defining moments during the growth process and use data (and care!) to modify and fine tune the material to achieve the desired outcomes. Here’s when technique becomes technology.

A never-ending tension between innovation and craft. Our Fine Mycelium™ platform shines full transparency on our process, from inoculation to harvest, allowing our experts and brand partners to work collaboratively to ensure a final product that perfectly manifests each designer’s initial dream. This is the revolutionary advantage of our technology.

So what does this actually mean?

With full control and actionable traceability throughout the growth process, Fine Mycelium™ sheets are harvested at their peak and then finished to the highest standards by our heritage tannery partners. We work with the world’s leading tanneries, who share our commitment to quality, performance and aesthetics, to ensure a final product that exceeds luxury industry standards. The best of the best. 

In a matter of weeks, designers’ dreamed up materials comes to life. Finished sheets of Reishi™, our pioneer product, are ready to ship to customers to begin creating and fabricating bags, shoes, clothing and beautiful objects made with Fine Mycelium™.

Reishi™ Fine Mycelium™ is the first made-to-order, natural material that compares in quality and performance to the finest animal leathers, with lower environmental impact and an unprecedented freedom to customize.

We are bringing a dream to life. And what a journey it has been.

Introducing a new class of materials to the world requires years of work and the collective efforts and talents of a singular team. Our Fine Mycelium™ technology is built on more than three decades of research and development that started with our founding team.

An inspiring quest. A collaborative (and intricate) relationship with a living organism; a journey with wins and challenges that have propelled our unwavering mission to create the world’s highest performing mycelium materials, and to scale it for the benefit of all. 

What we’ve created is groundbreaking and elegant, which makes this material technology feel almost inevitable—something of this world, that belongs in our lives. It’s totally new, yet feels entirely right

says MycoWorks co-founder Sophia Wang, reflecting on the company’s journey.

Welcome to a new era of materials crafted from nature and refined for performance.

Join our ongoing journey to Grow the Future of Materials.