Our team is growing in order to scale and deliver to an even broader range of partners.

Our team is growing in order to scale and deliver to an even broader range of partners. We’re Hiring

MycoWorks is committed to building a diverse team and an inclusive environment where all employees belong.

Women, gender expansive individuals, people of color, individuals with disabilities, veterans and LGBTQ candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. MycoWorks is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer. Click on job titles below to learn more.



Our Engineering team creates the mechanized and automated systems to support the development and full-scale implementation of MycoWorks’ Fine Mycelium technology platform.

Our diverse team of engineers innovates, delivers and validates the machinery, equipment and manufacturing and measurement systems that enable our full research and production operations. Working closely with our Fine Mycelium Research & Development and Manufacturing organizations, the Engineering team brings our technology innovations from concept to full-scale execution.

Plant Engineering Director Union, South Carolina



The executive team is at the center of our innovative, fast-paced and growing organization.

The executive team is at the center of our innovative, fast-paced and growing organization. Cultivating cross-functional alignment across the entire company, driving efficiency and bringing productivity to the next level, the team exemplifies our core values of respect and servant leadership, empowerment, innovation, interconnection and accountability in pursuit of our vision to grow the future of materials with Fine Mycelium™.

No positions open



Our Finance team members are the champions of our accounts, leading high level financial transactions, budgeting and reporting across the company.

Playing a critical role in Operations, Finance owns company-wide accounting and auditing, supporting the People team in payroll management and the Executive office in reporting and projections. With a commitment to service and precision, our Finance team is creating the financial infrastructure to support MycoWorks as we scale our production and reach within the Bay Area and beyond.

No positions open


Technology Development

Our Technology Development team is advancing the fermentation, mycology and downstream technologies that are the foundation for our Fine Mycelium™ advanced materials platform.

Technology Development is a diverse team of research-driven innovators with expertise in materials science, mycology, biofabrication, protein chemistry, genomics, and industrial fermentation. Our scientists deliver the process and product innovations that are driving commercial adoption of high performance Fine Mycelium™ materials across the fashion and footwear industries. In partnership with heritage leather tanning experts, the Technology Development team is the innovation engine behind the world’s first premium, natural, non-animal option for leather.

Research Associate - Fermentation Emeryville, California, United States
Senior Fermentation Scientist Emeryville, California



Our Maintenance team serves a critical function in our manufacturing operations, ensuring that the machinery and systems that enable our Fine Mycelium™ technology platform are continuously operational and optimized.

In partnership with our Technology Development, Manufacturing and Operations teams, our Maintenance experts bring a shared dedication to service in upholding the highest standards of excellence in our operations and facilities.

Maintenance Leader Union, South Carolina
Maintenance Planner Union, South Carolina
Maintenance Technician Emeryville, California


Information Technology

Our IT team provides the strategic oversight and technical expertise to govern and scale the automation of our operations and information systems.

From design and management of our systems architectures to oversight of our data infrastructure, IT partners with every function at MycoWorks to ensure the security and functionality of our data-based operations. With a commitment to service and excellence, our IT team plays a critical role in empowering every function and individual at MycoWorks on our mission to create the platform for the highest quality materials using Fine Mycelium™.

No positions open



Our Process Engineering team translates technology innovations across the Technology Development team and the Manufacturing organization.

The team serves a critical role in transferring and scaling bench-scale advancements into production protocols to ensure uncompromising quality and rapid optimization of the products we deliver to our customers. The Process Eng team brings expertise from Fortune 50 consumer goods manufacturing companies and a shared passion for discovery to our mission to build the platform for the highest quality materials using Fine Mycelium™.

EHS Specialist Union, South Carolina
Operator Union, South Carolina
Production Department Leader Union, South Carolina
Production Line Leader Union, South Carolina
Production Process Engineer Union, South Carolina
Production Shift Leader Union, South Carolina



Our Marketing team owns the brand development, education and storytelling that is driving Fine Mycelium’s introduction to global fashion and footwear markets and beyond.

Bringing a diverse range of expertise from luxury retail, consumer products, UX / UI design and storytelling, our Marketing team is creating the values-driven brand identity and inspirational content to reach our brand partners and consumers, and to educate and activate the public to join our journey to bring Fine Mycelium™ to the world and to grow the future of materials.

No positions open



Our Operations team brings our manufacturing and research facilities from concept to full-scale realization and ensures our worksites support the health, safety and space needs of all our team members.

With over 50 years’ collective experience in the development of industrial manufacturing sites, our Operations team recently launched the world’s first Fine Mycelium™ pilot plant in Emeryville, CA and is currently planning for additional facilities to support growing, global demand for MycoWorks’ product and technology platform.

No positions open



Our People team is passionate about empowering our employees with the resources and support to carry out our best work, aligned to our company mission, vision and values.

With expertise in people operations, recruiting and HR business partnership in Silicon Valley technology corporations, our People team is building scalable systems to resource our rapidly expanding team with competitive compensation, career development pathways, learning and development opportunities and values-driven advocacy. In close partnership with the executive team, the People team owns the scaling of a unified company culture that will support our localized and diverse teams as MycoWorks grows across our current Bay Area sites and beyond.

People Partner Union, South Carolina


Process Development

No positions open



Our Production team is a core force at MycoWorks, advancing our vision to grow the future of materials through our daily mission to produce the highest quality Fine Mycelium™ products.

Our Production operators are the world’s first Fine Mycelium™ Experts, combining hands-on expertise with the tools of biotechnology to create a premium, natural, non-animal option for leather in fashion and footwear. Each member of the team takes full ownership of their role in the Fine Mycelium™ production process, contributing innovative process solutions and upholding our commitment to creating a safe, supportive and zero loss environment for our full manufacturing organization.

No positions open


Product Management

Our Product Management team works cross-functionally with our Fine Mycelium Research & Development, Manufacturing and Sales teams to deliver Fine Mycelium products that meet our brand partners’ specifications for performance and customization.

The team brings expertise in premium, sustainable materials and fashion supply chains to drive collaborative relationships with brands who have joined the journey to introduce Fine Mycelium to global fashion and footwear markets and beyond. With a passion for co-discovery and relationship management, our Product Managers ensure our product and process innovations align with our brand partners’ performance and quality needs, advancing our company mission to create the platform for the highest quality materials using Fine Mycelium.

No positions open


Quality Assurance

Our Quality team owns and delivers quality assurance in partnership with our Fine Mycelium Research & Development, Production and Product Management teams.

In support of building a fully traceable production process for Fine Mycelium™, the Quality team includes data scientists and analysts who capture and evaluate data at key phases of Fine Mycelium production to enable continuous optimization of product and process from initial stages of growth through harvest. Quality owns the analysis and optimization of our production environment, and evaluation of product to ensure each sheet of Fine Mycelium delivered to our customers meets our highest standards for quality and performance.

Quality Manager Union, South Carolina


Research and Office

No positions open



No positions open


Supply Chain

Our Supply Chain team owns the procurement, logistics and coordination of resources to enable our company’s full range of operations from Fine Mycelium Research & Production to Manufacturing and Product Management.

Our team brings expertise from global, industrial manufacturing to our mission to build the world’s first commercially scaled Fine Mycelium technology platform. With innovative sourcing and expertise in relationship management, we are creating a rich network of supply partners to bring Fine Mycelium materials to the world’s leading brands in fashion and footwear. 

Logistics Manager Union, South Carolina
Senior Director of Supply Chain Union, South Carolina