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Unleashing Natural Beauty: An Ode to Skin with Daniel Martin

“I respect the skin through my work,” shares Daniel Martin, NYC-based celebrity makeup artist, and beauty trendsetter, when asked about his approach to beauty. In this episode, Daniel shares his background as a makeup artist, his experience working with celebrities, how dirty the beauty industry can be, and what brought him and MycoWorks together to create The Brushroll

“So much of my work is about enhancing natural beauty. It’s not even about the transformation but more about honoring my clients’ natural beauty.” 

“When I heard about MycoWorks, I was intrigued at how you could create something so beautiful out of something natural. How you could create a beautiful, luxurious product made from mycelium.” 

“If you look at history, every culture has a beauty ritual. For me, my ritual to get someone ready starts with preparing the face, the skin. My brushroll is a key part of that process.”

“I would love to use this brushroll to help people reframe the concept of value and understand the value of this new material.”  

In this episode:

  • 5:00 From art history to makeup: Daniel’s career as a makeup artist
  • 9:30 His approach to makeup is about enhancing natural beauty  
  • 11:00 How can we make a more sustainable beauty industry?
  • 14:00 Our story together: “We took the time to understand each other’s views.” 
  • 18:00 The Brushroll: a tool to reframe the concept of value
  • 20:00 Sustainability: “Getting to the root of things, transparency.”

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