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New Materials in Furniture Design with Antoine Roset

“It feels new; I’ve never felt something like this before. It’s totally different,” wondered Antoine Roset, CEO of Roset SAS, when he felt a sheet of Reishi™ for the first time. In this episode, Antoine shares the importance of design and durability for the high-end French furniture manufacturer Ligne Roset, his thoughts on new materials, what sustainability means to him, and why this fifth-generational company decided to work with Reishi™. 

“Our motto has been to make beautiful, contemporary pieces of design with a very eclectic style.”  

“Why working with MycoWorks? We must change how we consume if we want this world to stay like it is today or try to be better. As Ligne Roset, we have to offer a better solution.”  

“The pure definition of design is to make an object nicer and better. Our approach to materials is this – to create better designs.”

“Sustainability is a key component for our company’s future. One word that’s key to us is durability. The durability of the materials and the products are the first aspect we consider for sustainability.” 

“I don’t think people should consume less. I think people should consume better.” 

“For me, luxury is, first, the quality of the product and the fact that the product is rare and difficult to obtain. It’s not about money.” 

“To create high-end premium products takes longer than the swipe of a credit card.” 

In this episode:

  • 3:30 Ligne Roset’s motivation to partner with MycoWorks 
  • 6:25 New materials and the furniture industry 
  • 7:05 Innovation, design, and sustainability
  • 12:00 Reishi™: A new category of material 
  • 14:30 “Luxury is excellence.”
  • 20:00 Ligne Roset big come back to Salone del Mobile 

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