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MycoWorks Investors

Natalie Portman Invests in MycoWorks

The renowned actress Natalie Portman first brought up her investment at LVMH’s Life 360 conference at Maison de L’UNESCO in Paris during the COP23 summit. As a Dior Ambassador, part of LVMH’s ecosystem of brands, Natalie Portman was a speaker at the conference in conversation with Antoine Arnault, LVMH’s head of image and environment. The dedicated vegan discussed the common causes of animal welfare, environmental and social justice, noting that governments have a roll in regulating, incentivizing environmental standards and creating economic consequences for those that don’t clean up their business practices, backing up her beliefs by investing in start-ups like MycoWorks.

“I think it’s really motivating to consumers when they don’t have a difference in the quality of the material…at the luxury price,” Portman agreed. “That’s the dream.”

Later, at the 81st Annual Golden Globes, brought up the topic again during her red carpet interview with WWD.

“It’s really exciting to see more companies putting forward sustainable and vegan materials (…) I actually invest in a company called MycoWorks that produces mushroom leather, which a lot of luxury brands are now using.”

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