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MycoWorks Talk 18

From Garage to Commercial Scale with COO Doug Hardesty

In this captivating episode, Doug Hardesty, the Chief Operating Officer of MycoWorks, discusses drawing on his extensive manufacturing experience to establish the diverse team, systems, and processes necessary to transition Fine Mycelium™ from a small garage in San Francisco to opening the world’s first commercial-scale mycelium production plant in Union, South Carolina.

  • 0:03:00 – Scaling up from a garage in SF, CA -> pilot plant in Emeryville, CA-> commercial-scale plant in Union, SC
  • 0:11:09 – Doug’s reaction to first seeing Reishi™
  • 0:13:39 – Why people take career steps back to join MycoWorks
  • 0:15:19 – Building a passionate team around a shared vision
  • 0:18:01 – The importance of personal interaction in manufacturing
  • 0:22:07 – Building a diverse team from different industries

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