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MycoWorks Announces First 1000 Sheets Harvested

Biotechnology leader MycoWorks has announced that its commercial-scale Fine Mycelium™ plant has successfully harvested over a thousand sheets of the company’s revolutionary luxury leather-alternative biomaterial, and has already achieved a level of product quality exceeding that of its California pilot plant. This has allowed the company to move to the next phase of its production ramp-up, loading over 10,000 trays to-date that will be harvested in the coming weeks.

The company’s first revenue-generating shipments have left MycoWorks South Carolina several months ahead of schedule, soon to arrive to clients and partners who have pre-reserved nearly two years worth of Mycoworks South Carolina’s capacity. The sheets will first pass through the expert hands of MycoWorks’ partner tanneries across Europe, transforming Fine Mycelium™ into products including the company’s own flagship material Reishi™–a fully grown, customizable, and low-carbon biomaterial with the strength, handfeel, and durability of the world’s finest natural leathers.

Fine Mycelium™ grown at MycoWorks South Carolina has already exceeded the quality standards of typical sheets grown at the company’s California pilot plant due to the implementation of years of quality and scale-up learnings from the pilot.

Focused on attaining the highest performance and aesthetic qualities in Fine Mycelium™, MycoWorks has developed a new savoir-faire–craft–for making mycelium materials, and has also now successfully scaled it up by adding key elements of automation: a first for biomaterials.

“In 2023, MycoWorks achieved the world’s first commercial-scale mycelium biomaterial in South Carolina as well as the first harvests of high-quality sheets of Fine Mycelium™ using this facility’s new systems and process automation. Our teams redesigned and scaled up our one-of-a-kind tray based process to achieve low cost and high quality production all while delivering Fine Mycelium™ to the market ahead of schedule, only 17 months after breaking ground. MycoWorks South Carolina is a remarkable achievement, now delivering the quality from craftsmanship via a scalable tray,” said Doug Hardesty, MycoWorks Chief Operating Officer.

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