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Kicking off the MycoWorks 2022 Merch Collection in style

This is How We Merch!

A materials revolution is created by the people who believe in it. A cultural movement is fueled by the stories, narratives, dreams and hopes shared by a community. At MycoWorks we want to celebrate the trailblazing team that’s pioneering the new materials revolution and we want to give everyone out there a chance to support this journey. 

There’s nothing like a favorite hat or a well-worn t-shirt to inspire and express who we are, what we care about and our story in this world. It’s that same feeling that inspires our MW 2022 Merch Collection, launching this week. We want these items to go with you where you are, and to remind you that you’re part of a shared journey to Grow the Future of Materials. 

Hats, hoodies, t-shirts and more are available to anyone. Yes, everyone. Employees, friends, your neighbor, your neighbor’s friend. You get the point, everyone who wants to be a part of this revolution (or, just thinks we have some cool merch!). 

Unfortunately our MycoWorks 2022 Merch Collection has now sold out – thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!
We hope to bring back some more items soon.

We’re curious to see how you wear it to make it yours! 

Share on Instagram your pictures using the MycoWorks merch. And don’t forget to tag us at @MycoWorks.