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MycoWorks at Viva Technology 2021

Merci, Paris!

Last week, we were honored as finalists for the 2021 @LVMH Innovation Award at Viva Technology, Paris. Bringing together innovation companies working in supply chain, materials science, e-commerce, design, manufacturing, sustainability and beyond, this one-of-a-kind award is building “The Future of Customer Experience.” Hosted by LVMH, we were proud to be one of six finalists showcased at the Group’s booth—a tremendous recognition of our flagship product, Reishi™ and the exciting journey we’re on.LVMH Innovation Award 2021 attendant

An inspiring four day networking event with more than 26,000 visitors from all over the world, VivaTech brought together 1.7 billion viewers, 13,300 startups and 3,300 investors, journalists, researchers and thinkers for a unique showcase of global innovation. It was the perfect occasion to reconnect in person with our partners and the public, following on from the Reishi™ brand launch last year at New York Fashion Week: an opportunity to show our product and our Fine Mycelium™ technology firsthand to the world’s leading luxury and fashion houses. Seeing people’s reactions of wonder and excitement as they discovered Reishi™ for the first time, sharing our vision for the future, direct from our CEO, Matt Scullin and, above all, connecting in person with so many new partners and followers made this a priceless experience. 

“Seeing leading leather experts’ reactions to Reishi™ is always a delightful surprise,” shared Fred Martel, MycoWorks VP of Sales. Visitors were excited to touch, smell and handle Reishi™—“The hand feel of the material is wonderful: superb, soft; it feels alive,” commented one leather expert who visited our booth.LVMH Innovation Award 2021 attendant

With such positive feedback at VivaTech, reflecting vast interest in Reishi™ as the world’s only natural, made-to-order material on the market that offers uncompromising quality and performance along with lower environmental impact, we are thrilled about what’s on the horizon for Reishi™ and the unlimited potential of our patented technology, Fine Mycelium™

Thank you for joining us on our journey to Grow the Future of Materials. 

Merci, Paris!