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Media Coverage: Heron Preston Partnership

Trendhunter: “The fruit bowl is not only designed with Reishi but inspired by it too, and it represents a new horizon in breakthrough materials with virtually endless applications, and biotechnology of the future.”

Earlier this week artist, creative director, and designer Heron Preston debuted an art piece inspired by and designed with Reishi™.

A Fruit Bowl by Heron Preston will be available on Heron Preston’s new digital platform set to launch early next year. The inimitable, one-edition-only piece represents a long term partnership and foreshadows Heron Preston’s use of Reishi in his designs.

Media interest in the adoption of Reishi continues to be strong, we’re looking forward to continuing the conversation in 2023. Heron Preston x MycoWorksHeron Preston x MycoWorks

Highsnobiety: The fun doesn’t stop at the mushroom leather fruit bowl. The two confirmed that the sleek, stitched, and sustainable piece is just one of many Reishi™ creations by Preston and MycoWorks to come.

Hypebeast: Born out of both parties’ shared appreciation for the touch and feel of mycelium Reishi™ as well as the boundless design potential the material possesses, the art piece marks the first of many forthcoming collaborations between Preston and MycoWorks.

WWD: He chose to start with a fruit bowl, as it’s “usually one of the first objects that painters depict to demonstrate their skills and understanding of the medium. And this is an exercise on how [Fine Mycelium], through my lens is getting its start — as a fruit bowl. A material with endless possibilities and applications, like a painting.

The fruit made of Fine Mycelium messages new beginnings and a future not bound by our past, but pushed forward through our imagination and human ingenuity; a breakthrough in materials science and biotechnology,” Heron Preston said.

FLAUNT: The unique piece is launching in early 2023 and will be available exclusively on a new digital platform from Preston, marking the first of many launches between the designer and the biotech company.

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