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Business of Fashion Voices 2021

Matt Scullin at BoF VOICES 2021: Innovations Changing Fashion

Yesterday, Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO, joined Merlin Sheldrake, and Simon and Andrew Salter in the third session of BoF’s annual gathering, for a conversation around mycology (all things mushrooms!), mycelium-leather and the potential of Fine Mycelium™ technology to reshape fashion for the better.

“We’re seeing an enormous amount of hype around non-animal, non-plastic materials in the fashion industry, and the challenge that this area has seen so far is around quality and performance.” – Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO.

“At MW we’ve been able to create more of an intertwinedness in the material than what naturally occurs with mycelium and, as a result, we can impart this incredible durability, this great hand feel and create the emotional response that natural materials like leather already create,” Matt explaining the benefits of our patented technology, Fine Mycelium™.

Pictured in photo: Sarah Kent, host and editor, Merlin Sheldrake, biologist and author,  Simon and Andrew Salter co-founders of Dirtea

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