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MycoWorks Talk 05

LIVE from Paris! with Bill Morris

“San Francisco is a small town compared to Paris,” says Bill Morris, Director of Product and “veteran” at MycoWorks. Leading MycoWorks’ new office in Paris and transforming brand partners’ needs into engineering specifications for customized materials, materials science and textile engineering expert Bill Morris chats LIVE from Paris with Xevi Gallego, VP of Brand and Marketing  in this special episode.

“It’s really exciting and hard. This is the next stage for us. Paris is synonymous with luxury and fashion, and these are our customers. We have several partners based here, and it just means so much to be close to them in person. We understand their needs better and push each other forward faster.” 

“When luxury brands touch the material, they smell it, and they’re so surprised about how soft it feels. They keep saying the same thing: they love how it looks and how it feels. It’s amazing, and it’s different, they say.”

In this episode:
02:00 – Mycelium is like “a fabric of nature”
03:30 – MycoWorks four years ago: “a scary basement cave at the bottom of an apartment building in San Francisco”
05:30 – Why are we opening an office in Paris?
8:45 – Why luxury brands love our material
11:56 – “Mycelium is amazing. It’s so smart. It kind of acts like a community of people.”
18:15 – “Sustainability means durability. Building something that lasts generations and that doesn’t have a negative impact”

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