The Beauty of Mycology: Uncovering the Wonders of Fungi

June 14, 2023

When you hear the word “mycology,” you might think of something obscure, but in reality, mycology is much simpler than that. In straightforward terms, mycology is the study of fungi, and it has become a hot topic in the scientific world, especially because of its potential to change the world both for humans and the planet. Mycology is an essential topic for anyone interested in biology, environmental science, or even cuisine, as fungi plays a critical role in all these areas.


Some of the most popular and acclaimed mycologists include Paul Stamets, who authored the famous book “Fantastic Fungi,” and Merlin Sheldrake, the author of “Entangled Life.” Stamets, in particular, is a popular figure in the industry and has done significant research on the psychotropic properties of fungi in addition to their practical uses. 


Top Four Latest Discoveries in Mycology:

1) One of the most significant breakthroughs in mycology in recent years is the discovery of a fungus called Pestalotiopsis microspora, which can break down plastic, such as polyurethane, found in items such as disposable cups and electronic devices. This finding could revolutionize how we get rid of plastic waste and lessen environmental pollution.


2) Another significant discovery is the potential of fungi to create a new type of protein that is both high quality and ethical. Companies have utilized this property to create plant-based protein alternatives that can defy conventional protein norms.


3) Due to increasing demand for sustainable objects, there has been a recent boom in new material alternatives to animal leathers. Materials made from fungi and mycelium are at the forefront of this revolution. The leading example is Reishi™, MycoWorks’ pioneer natural material made from mycelium. Click here to learn more about Reishi™. 


4) Finally, mycologists have found countless medicinal benefits to fungi. For instance, the turkey tail mushroom, commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, can activate the immune system and may have cancer-fighting properties.


The potential for growth and innovation in mycology is boundless. With so much we don’t know about the fungi kingdom, continued research in mycology could lead to highly promising discoveries. For example, research in the mycology sphere may offer new avenues for creating renewable energy systems or discovering new antibiotics. The field of mycology presents an exciting opportunity for growth and discovery, and has the potential to make a massive impact on the scientific world and society as a whole.