“I’ve never seen a leather alternative that looks so real,” states a fashion editor after touching Reishi™ for the first time. “It feels alive.” Reishi™, our pioneer Fine Mycelium™ product, has an appealing warmth and sensual softness that instantly attracts and invites your touch. 

Reishi™ feels natural because it is natural.

Today, there’s a lot of noise in the materials industry; many options offer “better for the environment” substitutes to animal leather. But, as with any trend, there’s a lot of confusion and empty claims. 

The reality is, brands are not willing to compromise on performance. Not all “leather alternatives” perform or feel like animal leather, the original performance material. Most bio-based leather alternatives are made by embedding fibers from plants, fruits, mushrooms or even mycelium in plastic, creating rigid materials with a synthetic hand-feel.

Reishi™ is a different story. Distinctly unique, Reishi™ is made with our Fine Mycelium™ technology that engineers mycelium, using proprietary techniques and options of various textiles for customized performance. The result is a completely new class of made-to-spec, high-performing biomaterial—unmatched in its quality and hand-feel.

“It’s hard to find any downside with Reishi™, which is rare when it comes to sustainable materials or innovations,” writes Emily Farra for Vogue

Developed for over three decades, and with more than 70 patents awarded or pending, our Fine Mycelium™ process engineers mycelium cells to grow into proprietary, interwoven structures. That interwoven structure is what makes such a vast array of versatile materials possible with Fine Mycelium™—materials with peak performance and limitless design possibilities.

Drape, thickness, shape, texture, color, and environmental impact are just some of the specifications creators can unlock with our revolutionary technology. With full transparency and actionable traceability from inoculation to harvest, Fine Mycelium™ is leading a biomaterials revolution. 

“It’s the first time that a company is able to produce a vegetal product which is matching or even exceeding the quality and durability and aesthetics of leather. It’s a super achievement,” reflects luxury industry expert and MycoWorks’ Board of Directors member Patrick Thomas.

Welcome to a new era of materials crafted from nature and refined for performance.

We invite you to experience Reishi™ for yourself. To join our journey to Grow the Future of Materials, follow us on Instagram @MycoWorks and @MadeWithReishi.