This is not

This is
much more.

This is a new class
of natural material.

This is Made with Reishi

The world's first biomaterial to combine uncompromising quality, superior hand-feel and lower environmental impact.

Reishi™ is made using Fine Mycelium™, a patented technology developed by MycoWorks in California.

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This is nature,

Art / science / biotech /

This is a biomaterials

Fine Mycelium

A revolutionary technology that engineers mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to grow customized premium materials with superior strength and performance.

Fine Myceliumâ„¢ opens up a world of design possibilities and unprecedented control over features.

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This is biotechnology
rooted in art.

This is over three
decades of innovation.


Founded by two artists in California, MycoWorks is on a mission to Grow the Future of Materials.

Over 70 patents awarded or pending have positioned MycoWorks as the pioneer in the biomaterials revolution.

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