The Reishi™ Book


2024 Communications Arts Award of Excellence
2024 Indigo Design Award Winner – GOLD

A work of art, a rare view into our story, accompanied by our most recent samples of Reishi™ material. Connect with our heritage and get to know our technology, Fine Mycelium™. With this book, you’ll not only learn our story – you can touch the results of our journey.

This book includes our latest sample of Reishi™ material, Reishi™ Pebble, with space for more samples to come. Each book purchase comes with a 16-month subscription to our latest Reishi™ samples. As new Reishi™ materials are released, subscribers will receive a sample, effective for 16 months from the date of purchase. We will email you when a new sample is ready to confirm your shipping address.

*Please allow 3-5 business days to process your order.

Size: 15.5 in x 8 in x 1.8 in


Experience reishi's
unique, premium


Follow our journey as we
do something that had
never been done before


Our new technology
that opens up endless
creative possibilities


Discover our brand
partners’ creations
with Reishi

an art object

An oversized 4 lbs of mesmerizing design: a bold display of the future of fashion and materials.

Hand stitched

Hand-sewn binding by experienced artisans offers a personal touch to every piece.

Debossed cover

First impressions count. Each book cover is debossed for a tactile hand feel.


With only 75 books produced worldwide, every one is hand-numbered and packaged by our team.