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Bringing Reishi™ to Luxury Furnishings

Ligne Roset and MycoWorks

Today, biotechnology company MycoWorks announced that it has partnered with high-end, design-forward furniture company Ligne Roset, to bring MycoWorks’ flagship Fine Mycelium™ material, Reishi™, into luxury furnishings. High demand for Reishi™, a new category of luxurious, natural materials first adopted by the fashion industry, has driven expansion into new markets including automotive, and now home decor and furniture. Reishi™ offers the hand feel and performance of the finest leathers, but is made from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. 

“Ligne Roset is a global leader with a legacy of forward-thinking, contemporary furniture design,” said Matt Scullin, MycoWorks CEO. “Today it becomes the first furniture company to offer Reishi™ as part of its designs.”

“Decades ago, my co-founder Phil Ross explored using mycelium to create molded chairs and stools as part of his art practice,” said Sophia Wang, MycoWorks Co-Founder & Chief of Culture. “Furniture demonstrates the beauty, utility, and performance of materials. This partnership with Ligne Roset is a full circle moment for MycoWorks, validating that Reishi™ will be used in furniture design for years to come.”

Established in France in 1860 with more than five generations of expertise in leather craftsmanship, Ligne Roset has been working with MycoWorks for over two years to fine-tune Reishi™ to meet the furniture industry’s specific performance and durability standards. 

“We are proud to be the first to introduce Reishi™ into our collections and to the furniture design industry,” said Antoine Roset, Marketing Director Groupe Roset. “We have been waiting for years for a natural, sustainable material that meets our quality standards and our customers’ expectations. We believe Reishi™ is the answer.”

Ligne Roset’s first of many Reishi™ products is a limited-edition pair of pillows, Teneo, available for purchase in 2023.  

MycoWorks will continue to help launch designs made with Reishi™ in the furniture space, which represents approximately 10% of the global leather and synthetic leather market. In parallel, MycoWorks will continue to partner with a growing list of luxury brands, including Hermès and Nick Fouquet, to create a new category of goods that meet the highest design and quality standards of their industries.

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