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A Circular Economy

How Reishi™ Could Bring Fashion Closer to Circularity

“Denim and leather have helped style some of the most iconic fashion statements throughout history — so when taking apparel full circle, it makes sense to start with these types of classic materials that never seem to go out of vogue.” – Maxine Perella, Sustainable Brands. 

On May 7th, MycoWorks CEO Matthew Scullin was invited by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to discuss the principles and potential of a circular economy for the fashion industry. Along with panelists Stuart Ahulm, Co-Founder of Thousand Fell and Rebecca Golden, Director of Denim R&D at GAP, Scullin shared his perspective on the fashion industry’s potential for circularity. Reishi™ creates more opportunities for designers to choose from: it will biodegrade at the end of its use, and if added to fertilizer, for example, Reishi can improve the speed of crop growth. “It’s an incredibly circular process,”  said Scullin.


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The conference was viewed by a global audience on Zoom, and it was hosted by Francois Sourchet, Lead of Make Fashion Circular at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. and moderated by Carrie Ellen Phillips, Co-Founder of BPCM.