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Cadillac’s exploration using MycoWorks’ Fine Mycelium™

Cadillac and MycoWorks Collaborate on New Bio-based Material

Warren, Michigan / June 26, 2024 – Cadillac, a pioneer in automotive innovation, is collaborating with MycoWorks to develop a new class of material for high-performance automotive interiors. This new material, intended to one day have the same applications as leather, incorporates mycelium, which is the renewable root structure of mushrooms, and other bio-based ingredients.

Grown using MycoWorks technology — Fine Mycelium™ — this material may eventually enable Cadillac to deliver the high-end aesthetic the brand is known for today using renewable materials. Additionally, the future goal of Fine Mycelium™ is to provide superior strength, offering potential improvements in weight reduction and efficiency while still meeting the most stringent of quality requirements.

As part of the collaboration, Cadillac has designed a card holder accessory incorporating this innovative material to serve as proof of concept of its versatility.

Read the full press release at Cadillac’s pressroom.