The Future of Fashion

April 12, 2023

The future of fashion is both exciting and inspiring. It is a time of immense possibilities, with innovative solutions emerging to solve the sustainability issues that have plagued the industry for so long. The fashion industry has made tremendous progress in recent years, but much more needs to be done if we are to achieve a sustainable future.

Natural materials, circular economies, supply chain transparency and traceability, second-hand markets, fair trade, sustainable sourcing, and slow fashion are just a few of the solutions that have been developed in recent years. Natural materials such as bamboo, hemp, linen, jute and organic cotton, new natural materials such as Reishi™ and others, can be used to create beautiful garments without causing long-term damage to the environment. Circular economies involve reducing wastefulness, by designing products that can be reused, repaired or recycled. Supply chain transparency and traceability enable fashion companies to track the sources of their materials and ensure ethical practices are being adhered to throughout the production process; from source to client. Second-hand markets have been growing in popularity as consumers become more conscious about their purchases, with sites such as The Real Real, eBay, Depop and Vestiaire Collective providing convenient ways to shop for pre-owned items. Fair trade has become increasingly important in the fashion industry, ensuring that artisanal workers around the world are receiving fair wages and working conditions. Sustainable sourcing is another key component of a sustainable supply chain, involving the use of ethical materials. Finally, slow fashion is a movement that advocates for quality over quantity, encouraging consumers to buy fewer garments with longer life spans while encouraging designers to create ever-lasting pieces and less collection per year. 

The fashion industry can claim 10% of global carbon emissions, never mind its demand on water resources and waste created by manufacturing facilities. It’s one of the most impactful industries in the world, and it has the power to create real change for our planet. As more sustainable solutions become available, it is essential that we continue to build on this progress and scale up these initiatives to ensure a brighter future for the fashion industry. With dedication, creativity, and passion, together we can create a sustainable future for fashion.

Check out our co-founder Phil Ross, at the Aspen Ideas panel: Green is the New Black, where he discusses the future of the fashion industry with Lewis Perkins, President of Apparel Impact Institute, Shona Quinn, Senior director of social consciousness at Eileen Fisher and Vanessa Hauc, Anchor of “Noticias Telemundo Planeta Tierra.”

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