What is Reishi™

March 12, 2023

Reishi™ is revolutionizing the fashion industry by introducing a new class of material. MycoWorks has developed a patented mycelium-based technology called Fine Mycelium™, resulting in luxury mycelium leather that looks and feels like fine animal leather but with much lower environmental impact.



Mycelium, the root network of mushrooms, has been around for thousands of years. However, its potential as mushroom leather has only recently become recognized. As mycelium leather, Fine Mycelium™ provides a natural alternative to animal leather and plastic-based biomaterials made using polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). 

Unlike other cactus, apple, grape, mushroom leathers, which have to be mixed with plastic for performance purposes, Reishi™ is made from mycelium alone. This allows for superior strength and durability while preserving the hand-feel of the finest animal leathers. Reishi™ is also naturally flexible, breathable and soft – without compromising the environment.



The fashion industry has been striving for sustainable materials for some time now, and Fine Mycelium™ leather is proving to be a viable alternative. As mycelium leather becomes more accessible, it serves as an excellent choice for designers looking to create quality products with a low carbon footprint. Reishi™ is leading the biomaterials revolution, showing that mycelium-based materials can be used to create fashionable and sustainable clothing without sacrificing luxury, performance and durability.

At MycoWorks, we believe mycelium leather is the future of sustainable fashion. With its superior performance, hand-feel and environmental impact, Reishi™ is the perfect new material for designers looking to create something special. With mycelium-based materials becoming increasingly popular, the possibilities are truly endless.



Reishi™ has changed the way we think about mushroom leather, showing us that it can be used to create premium products with a low environmental impact. For many luxury fashion brands and designers, Reishi™ is the perfect choice for creating stylish yet sustainable products. Let’s make Reishi™ the go-to material of the future!

This post was written by MycoWorks. 

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